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  • Hangzhou Santech Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd






    Cutting Equipment

    We own several CNC Messer flame cutting machines and plasma cutting machines made in Germany, and Platino laser cutting machines made in ltaly, which can be used to cut metal of different thickness.

    Machining Equipment

    We own several machining equipments, such as turning machines, milling machines, planing machines, grinding machines, drilling machines, CNC boring and milling machine, machining centeretc, which meet all machined products.

    Welding Machines

    We own several Panasonic robot welding machines, semi-automatic welding machines and gas shielded welding machines, which guarantee the welding quatiy.

    Bending Machines

    We own several large-tonnage CNC bending machines and hydraulic pressing machines, which are used for plate bending, shaping and levelling.

    Treatment Equipment

    We own several surface treatment equipment. such as shot- blasting  equipment, and painting equipment, which meet the surface requirements for all kinds of fabrications.

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